Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas is Just Around the Corner

It's just 25 days to go before Christmas and I'm pretty sure many public places have been playing the sounds of Christmas hymns all day and all night. Sadly this year, I still could not figure out how we will spend the holidays given my condition now. I've never spend Christmas just at home, much less just in bed. Thinking it about it makes me feel a bit "crazy" so to speak. I'll simply miss my all those Christmas get-togethers, quick catch-up dinners and lunches, as well as those most awaited reunions with friends and old officemates. I'll also miss Christmas shopping for gifts for family and friends. And no matter how hard it has been to get the perfect gifts, line up at the cashier, or wait for those presents to be wrapped in the concierge, nothing beats the joy of finding the right gift for someone.

Speaking of gifts, many of the things I wish I can do is to go to the mall and personally shop for the gifts I'd give to my kids. But I guess, the kids and the new baby would have to be satisfied with getting something which their Daddy will be able to buy for them. Anyway, if I were to wish for something, I would like to be able to spend a day in the mall, singing all those Christmas tunes in the background, and going around shopping for a g&l comanche at music123 for Zoe, an electric drumset for Luigi and a Classical CD collection for the new baby. Wishes, wishes, wishes!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Deals!

I always secretly wished that I lived in the States every time that time of the year comes around where people line up and "crash" the stores to open for the Black Friday Sale. However, for now, since I do not live there and I am on "home confinement" anyway, I have to content myself with browsing thru the great deals online. For one, I so love to look at new baby items that are in trend. Wish I can buy something for the new baby like the ones below!

These are tagged as memory makers in Don't you think these are lovely?

Mother's Day Celebration

I almost forgot to blog about the Mother's Day celebration in Zoe's school last October. It was actually my last hurrah before being "sentenced" to bed rest because of my placenta previa totalis.

The celebration, as usual, was so much fun. The theme this year is Mother for All Seasons. Thus, moms and kids were asked to choose any color from the 4 seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Zoe and I chose to be in autumn colors. I got her a peach dress from SM Department Store while I wore a brown floral maternity blouse.

For the presentation, her class danced to One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful (not sure of the title!). I am sure you know that popular song. Other grades played the guitar altogether while another grade played the keyboards as an accompaniment to the their song. At the end of the celebration, they made us all line up with our dear daughters and they handed to us our Mother's Day greeting card plus a nice long stemmed rose. It was so endearing.

Sharing here some of the wonderful moments caught on cam:

Latest Craving

Haven't been able to sleep very well at night lately because of my growing belly and preggy hunger pangs that hit me from nowhere.

Good thing my hubby immediately gets to "resolve" my hunger.

This is what he likes to bring home to me at 5 am in the morning, after his shift.

Love ko to!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy Thoughts - November


1. Being able to work from home even if it was unexpected, accompanied with staying in bed all day,  all night.
2. One week semestral break for the kids - more time with Mommy!
3. Silver Award - Second Quarter for Zoe
4. Knowing that none of our family members got so badly affected by Typhoon Yolanda - even while properties were destroyed, at least they are all safe and protected.
5. Finished reading How Full is Your Bucket by Tom Rath and Donald Clifton - kept me positive and inspired to fill my family's bucket full all the time without thinking of oneself. Next project - How Full is Your Bucket - For Kids!
6. Chicken Sotanghon for lunch, Buco Melon for dessert
7. New iPhone for me, inherited from husband
8. Finished a great presentation deck for work
9. Completed printing some school stuff for Zoe
10. Internet

8th Wedding Anniversary

For you, my love, on our 8th anniversary...

God Gave Me You
Bryan White

For all the times I felt cheated, I complained
You know how I love to complain
For all the wrongs I repeated, though I was to blame
I still cursed that rain
I didn't have a prayer, didn't have a clue
Then out of the blue

God gave me you to show me what's real
There's more to life than just how I feel
And all that I'm worth is right before my eyes
And all that I live for though I didn't know why
Now I do, 'cause God gave me you

For all the times I wore my self pity like a favorite shirt
All wrapped up in that hurt
For every glass I saw, I saw half empty
Now it overflows like a river through my soul
From every doubt I had, I'm finally free
I truly believe

God gave me you to show me what's real
There's more to life than just how I feel
And all that I'm worth is right before my eyes
And all that I live for though I didn't know why
Now I do, 'cause God gave me you

In your arms I'm someone new
With ever tender kiss from you
Oh must confess
I've been blessed

God gave me you to show me what's real
There's more to life than just how I feel
And all that I'm worth is right before my eyes
And all that I live for though I didn't know why (didn't know why)
Now I do (I finally do), 'cause God gave me you (God gave me You)

God gave me you


Room Redesign

With the new baby coming in less than 2 months, we have been discussing with the family on what is the best set-up in terms of room assignments.

Our house has 3 bedrooms at the moment: 1 big master's bedroom, 1 medium-sized room in the attic and 1 small-sized room at the ground level. Currently, the master's bedroom has been our abode for the past months, with all of us in the family, kids and all, snuggling there together every night. Zoe tells us that she is still scared to sleep on her own while Luigi also cannot be left alone just yet. Given this, the problem lies when our new baby comes and all 5 of us will end up in one room every single night. Our room will be not be big enough to fit all 5, that's for sure! Now, what should we do?

For starters, I've been browsing through the web for some room inspiration to redesign our attic room into a more kid-friendly room for Zoe.

Do you think with these room designs she wil be enticed to sleep on her own? I would love to incorporate the violet and pink them in her room for it really seems to fit her age and personality.

Hopefully, when some funds come, we can start on this project. At the same time, I will also try to convince my hubby to also work on getting these pull out shelves for our kitchen cabinets. We need to install some more of these to fit our growing collection of plates, pans and other glasswares. These provide us with easy access to our kitchen wares and at the same time give us an easy time to store for we need not climb the higher cabinets every time.

Destructive Yolanda

I pause for now to contemplate the devastation that my country is facing at the moment.

Typhoon Haiyan ("Yolanda") took the Philippines off-guard last November 8, leaving a deep mark in the lives and property of our co-Filipinos. No words can actually describe the fate that this disaster has brought into the people of the Visayas.

On my part, I may be able to send only whatever I can to help materially but for sure God will hear our prayers that will help sustain the spirit of those so badly affected.

Photo credit here.

Gearing up for the holidays

Finally, our Christmas treee is up and we are starting to feel the hustle and bustle of Christmas at home. Now even with me "jailed" at home for now, nobody is going to stop Christmas! My family are still so looking forward to the holidays (with or without Santa). Zoe for one has already made her Christmas wish to Santa. A new bike with two wheels. As for Luigi, when we asked him what he wanted from Santa, his reply was "Coke!". Hahahaha! I think that is so Luigi! Now, if I were to ask Dad what he wanted, I hope he will say that that he got want he wanted since he already got himself the new iPhone 5s in white/silver last week. It's actually the niftiest gadget in town. :-)

 As for me, if I could, I'll ask for a new bracelet from Pandora. Those trinkets from Pandora are so lovely! I want all of it for my collection. Now if only my hubby is reading this blog...we'll find out soon!

Meantime, let's keep the spirit of Christmas going amidst the many challenges now. Leaving you with my favorite line for the moment.

Luigi's Costume Party

Luigi's school had their annual costume party just before the semestral break. It  was held at the Water Nymph in Marikina. Since I am indisposed to go out of the house, it was again Ate Cat and Ate Nilda who served as Luigi's moms for the day.

Here are some pics of my cutie-pie:

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Trick or Treat 2013

This year, it was only Luigi who was able to go trick-or-treating around the village since Zoe wanted to attend her friend's birthday party that is at the exact time of the activity. Anyway, to save us from buying costumes again this year, we just borrowed a Flash costume from a friend. I just had our other yaya accompany Luigi during the activity since Mommy was indisposed. :-(  If only I had the energy, I would gone around the village with him and enjoyed this special moment. Anyway, I am looking forward to next year when we already have 3 kids in tow. That would be really something! I'd buy Luigi a portable drum set and lobby our way into the streets. That would be so cute!

Sharing with you some pictures taken from my phone camera.  

By the way, did I mention that Luigi won best in costume? So cool! I'm a proud mommy!

Girl Interrupted... some pregnancy woes.

Had been put on bed rest and home confinement since October 22 due to Placenta Previa Totalis. Really, my diagnosis sounds like the end of the world. But I think I just got to learn to accept it, internalize that this will be the case for me until I am due to give birth around the 1st week of January and pray that it will be something the baby and I can overcome easily.

While there are so many things left work and other thing I will do now is to rest until my baby reaches full term. I am praying to both our Guardian Angels to guide us through this critical 3 months. May they help us manage all the inconveniences and struggles that goes along with this case.

I am also asking whoever is reading this site to please pray for me and the baby. I can't wait to hold the baby, beautiful and healthy, in my arms in January. Meantime, let's hang in there!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Starbucks Date

My hubby and I spent last Saturday afternoon on a date. The school activity in our daughter's school had been postponed due to bad weather and we suddenly found ourselves with some "free" time to do some errands and go out for some Starbucks. I actually feel that it's been ages since we last we had time for a date like this. So many things are happening all at the same time plus we also had been very mindful about our expenses lately that we really had to skimp on many luxuries such as buying a cup of coffee from Starbucks (yes, I now consider this a luxury). However, God is good and so He permitted us to sit in a cozy coffee shop for an hour just talking about anything, drinking some yummy beverage and eating a wonderful, crusty blueberry cheesecake. Ah! Thank God for rainy weather! :-)

Anyway, speaking of skimping on luxuries, there is a website I found which makes me "crave" for discount jewelry. You see, I had recently lost my gold scapular and had felt so bad. This made me resolve to be more careful with my stuff and also to maybe just move to using fashion jewelry which is so much practical and worry-free. Do you think the same way especially whenever you lose a precious jewelry item? I do.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Luigi's First Field Trip

Luigi had his very first field in school. Their class went to Las Farolas, Ark Avilon, Museo Pambata and Yexel's Toy Musuem.

Here are some pictures.

Monday, September 30, 2013


I have been lagging behind posts as usual. Been busy as a bee and had almost done with a wonderful and uber-filled September.

My kids are mostly what made up for all the tiredness I have at work. They brighten up my days with so much cheerfulness and love. I'm so thankful to have them in my life. I'm also oh so thankful for a wonderful husband who supports me in every single endeavor I do.

At night when I am so tired as a dog, I'd like to snuggle with my kids underneath the warm sheets and we would tell stories about saints, good people, family anecdotes and many more. We would hug the cushion and pillows for support and chat until we all fall asleep.

Nothing beats stress than having a wonderful family!

Anyway, I'm leaving you with recent pictures from my kids' Jollibee Birthday Party.

Have a nice day everyone!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's a BOY!!!

What a great blessing! We love you baby! Mommy, Daddy, Ate Zoe and Kuya Luigi are looking forward to seeing you, kissing you and hugging you!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Here's a question may daughter asked me as I join here in the ladies room in the mall.

Zoe: Mom, why do you have a line in your belly?
Mom: It's the scar that shows where you came out when you were born.
Zoe: Ewww!

Hahaha! Someday, my dear daughter, you will understand what your mom had to go through just to have all of you.


Happy Birthday Zoe and Luigi!

Sharing some pictures of our kids during their special day. Happy birthday my babies!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kindermusik Summer (Late Post)

I just wanted to insert this post in. This is about Luigi's summer class at Kindermusik by Teacher Jeannie and Company.

We had enrolled Luigi in this class last summer before he started preschool and we were very happy on how it had helped Luigi become more inclined to music, dance and crafts.

This class has really brought out the talent in him and we really hope to see this further in the coming years. Who knows, Luigi might just be a future "Voice of the Philippines" or a rock star. Hahaha!

Great Improvement!

Here is proof of Luigi as a pre-schooler. He has been going to school since June and we are so impressed with the great improvement he has shown in terms of sociability and speech.

On top of this, he is such a cutie in his school uniform. :-)

Are Rainy Days Over?

Like last year, the monsoon rains have visited us this August and we have experienced flooding again. Really, I had wanted the weather to change as soon as possible because the floods and rains are draining us with the repairs that need to be done caused by the leaking roof and gutters in the house.

I'm actually happy that it's already September and we are somewhat close to leaving the rainy season. Hopefully, there will be no more big storm or huddles in the coming weeks.

Speaking of September, this month is birthday month in the family. Zoe and Luigi will turn 7 and 4 years old, respectively. We are planning a simple Jollibee birthday to celebrate their birthdays. :-)

Strictly speaking, we would have wanted to give them a "bigger" birthday but then we have to keep in mind that we need to be prepared to tighten our belts some more for the coming of the new baby in January.

Well, maybe when Zoe turns 18 (in 11 years!) we can give her a big debut in a grand place with modern chandeliers and fancy food. Well, that's definitely a long time from now and something to aspire for in the coming years. :-)

Welcome Back to Me!

Hi there blog! Long time no post. I wanted so much to do an update over this mini online space of mine but lately has been pretty busy (and what else is new).

I was browsing thru my camera photos and realized that I have not really been that "active" in using my cam for the past months. Blame it I guess on Instagram for changing avenues for photo-creativity. :-)

Anyway, even with my addiction to Instagram, I realize that there are still so many other stuff that needs to be officially documented here and not just thru the usual mobile apps.

Here is one picture that I'd like to share with you ----

Taken during Zoe's Grade 1 Recognition Day. She got a Gold Award and we are so proud of her. Keep it up, Zoe!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Coping with Sickness in the Family

My mother in law had sufferred a stroke last, last week and she is slowly trying to recover from the effects of this. Although she can now talk, she lost control of her left hand and cannot stand up or walk for now. I really wish she will be able to fully recuperate and return to her old jolly self soon. Please include her always in your prayers.

As many of you know, it's never easy to have someone sick in the family. Aside from the time and effort needed to take care of a loved one, the family also needs to cope with the expenses on medicine and hospitalization. You are lucky if you have health coverage but for those who do not have that kind of benefit, we need to dig deep into our pockets to sustain the health of our family. For instances like these, some even need to use their precious property and resort to sites buying silver to get the money needed for the expenses. At any rate, hope we all can cope well soon. God will provide.

Hello Baby!

This 3rd pregnancy has been quite a rollercoaster ride.

I've gone for ultrasound for 6x in 2 months and I've been going full blast with medications and required rest.

So when the doctor told me last night that she wants to take it easy with me and just see her in two weeks instead of every week as in the past months, I was so glad. Hopefully, all other findings will clear up and everything will be just fine.

Anyway, with all that set aside, I am mostly geared up for growing this tummy and seeing a healthy bouncing (!) baby in January.

This one is the baby's picture at 7 weeks.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Luigi's in School!

My son is officially a preschooler!

We enrolled Luigi in a progressive school near our home and he has had a blast so far. He is so happy to go to school and is very eager to meet new people and learn new things. I see this since he evidently looks so giddy coming going and coming home from school. He proudly shows me his "happy face" stamp which he always gets from his teacher and gives me too his wonderful artworks from school. One day, I asked him what he learned from school that day. He said in a recognizable tune - "Mom! My toes, my knees, my shoulders, my head!" I am so proud of him! Hopefully, he will be able to maintain that same interest in school and in learning for years to come. I'll be so happy as a singing mother goose!

Monday, June 3, 2013

What I've been up to lately...

Well, something or should I say SOMEONE has come up lately...

Baby No. 3 is coming this January!!! I feel so blessed and happy for the trust that God has given us by granting us another baby in our family. It all came as a big surprise and what a huge and happy surprise it is! I'm currently carrying at 6 weeks and four days. Please pray for me and for our new baby. Hope you can pray for a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby. Hope you can pray with us for the next 8 months. Let St. Josemaria, Don Alvaro and St. Therese be my intercessors for this pregnancy.
Meantime, let me go back to work and look for cheap flyer printing for our event in the office. Got to work still even while pregnant.  
Thanks in advance for your prayers!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Graduating from Educhild

My husband and I will graduate from our 3-month Educhild course "First Steps" on June 1. Overall, it's been a very fruitful journey for us. We were able to learn a lot about "raising kids" and have learned much about each other as well.

I think a part from the example of the Holy Family and our own parents, we also would like to pattern our so-called parenting stlye to the couple in the picture. They are Dona Dolores and Don Jose Escriva, parents of St. Josemaria. To raise a SAINT - yes, that is our highest ideal and that is what we hope and pray to God to become a reality. Our kids may not be publicly proclaimed saints but we hope that by our example, we would be able to bring them up well, with the grace of God.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Getting Ready for Kindermusik Summer!

Luigi had already finished his first semester of Kindermusik and is eager to learn more! So we decided to enroll him for the Summer Classes under Our Time and he is really excited.

By the way, did I tell you guys that Luigi seems to be pitch-perfect? Sans his twisted 3-year old tongue (a.k.a. "bulol") he really sings pretty well, hitting the high and low notes to a tee. Heehee! I'm a happy mom! It looks like I have a budding professional musician for a son!

Santacruzan 2013

As a mom, I never fail to let my kids join traditional church activities for them to learn and remember our usual devotions. One of these activities would be the May Marian procession usually held in our village during the community fiesta.

Zoe wore a yellow gown this year while we got Luigi a nice black suit. :-)

Lovely kids, right?
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