Thursday, January 21, 2010

Luigi at 4 months

A better-late-than-never post~

Luigi turned 4 months last January 8 and we celebrated it with a cake from Red Ribbon.

As always, it was Zoe who blew the candle for her baby brother (almost burned her lips doing so. Ouch!!!)

We are one happy family!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Missing School

Zoe's missing school so much these days.

Seen here is how she tries to "re-enact" school...

...telling a stories ala-teacher (note her Kindermusik drum):

Zoe, do you want to be a teacher (like your Lolo, Lola and tita) when you grow up?

Living the Spirit of Christmas

How was your holiday celebration everybody?

Ours was celebrated quite simply. It was all about family and simple joys this year. There were no pompous food preparations nor any bit of firecracker for New Year. We just had one big family reunion on both sides of the family where we prepared yummy traditional dishes that didn’t really cost that much. What was important that everyone in the family had good health and were prepared spiritually for Jesus’ birth and the new year.

Part of that spirit of Christmas is learning to give without expecting anything in return. It’s so easy to say but very hard to practice. I think my own parents, through the years, had tried very hard to teach us this lesson. This year is no exception on trying to live this virtue that they had struggled to instill in us: charity.

Our (more of my) charity this Christmas mainly revolved on F. He returned home for Christmas and it was a homecoming that was like that of a prodigal son. We had been away for some months now. He had lots of sad stories about his life in the province: experiencing hunger, no money, no means, and a difficult school life. Indeed, he lived in a sad state there. He also talked about his father and brother needing proper Addiction Treatment. I think they are somewhat hooked on marijuana and needs Drug Treatment. Oh if only we could both send them to a drug rehab so that F can stay in the province without any bad influence from his family. Minus that problem, he can better manage his finance and schooling there and learn to be truly independent. Anyway, he's already back in the province. I only pray and hope that he will survive there.
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