Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Graduating from Educhild

My husband and I will graduate from our 3-month Educhild course "First Steps" on June 1. Overall, it's been a very fruitful journey for us. We were able to learn a lot about "raising kids" and have learned much about each other as well.

I think a part from the example of the Holy Family and our own parents, we also would like to pattern our so-called parenting stlye to the couple in the picture. They are Dona Dolores and Don Jose Escriva, parents of St. Josemaria. To raise a SAINT - yes, that is our highest ideal and that is what we hope and pray to God to become a reality. Our kids may not be publicly proclaimed saints but we hope that by our example, we would be able to bring them up well, with the grace of God.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Getting Ready for Kindermusik Summer!

Luigi had already finished his first semester of Kindermusik and is eager to learn more! So we decided to enroll him for the Summer Classes under Our Time and he is really excited.

By the way, did I tell you guys that Luigi seems to be pitch-perfect? Sans his twisted 3-year old tongue (a.k.a. "bulol") he really sings pretty well, hitting the high and low notes to a tee. Heehee! I'm a happy mom! It looks like I have a budding professional musician for a son!

Santacruzan 2013

As a mom, I never fail to let my kids join traditional church activities for them to learn and remember our usual devotions. One of these activities would be the May Marian procession usually held in our village during the community fiesta.

Zoe wore a yellow gown this year while we got Luigi a nice black suit. :-)

Lovely kids, right?

Birthdays, Birthdays

Now that May is here, I need to get ready for several birthdays in the family. This 22nd will be my Dad's birthday while on the 24th is my sister's birthday. I really both my family and wish to send over to them something for their special day. For my dad, I'm actually looking at plastic crank handles and maybe some books. For my sister, aside from getting a card for her, we might be sending her some personalized gift too. I'm thinking of sending her some stationery or maybe a new lipstick. Hmmm. What do you think?

Happy Birthday to me!

A cute snapshot of what happened yesterday during Election Day-Birthday celebration. Oooopps! Now you all know how old I am. :-)

Hoping for more years of blessings and happiness to come for me and my whole family.

Friday, May 10, 2013

My Kids' New Favorite - APO!

My husband and I never expected the two kids to really like the songs we like given our "generation gap". We thought that we will be forever stuck to listening to what the kids like - Kindermusik songs, 1Direction, Taylor Swift, etc. etc. But lo and behold, after watching the movie "I Do Bidoobidoo", we saw how our kids loved the songs of the Apo. Just imagine a 3-year old boy singing "Panalangin" with feelings - yes, that's our Luigi. If only he can, he will grab a guitar anytime and burst into an APO song! Zoe is the same. Even with her twisted Tagalog, she can sing the tunes of the APO songs with such emotion. Even in the car, this is the album of choice playing on the iPod. 

Thank you to the makes of this movie for bridging our musical generation gap! Hahaha!

Tagaytay May 2013

We finally pushed through with our Tagaytay trip last May 1, Labor Holiday. Although the day trip was so tiring, it was well worth it.

Next time ulit, guys!
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