Thursday, February 28, 2013

More of Hong Kong Shopping

Hi there. Posting more pictures of my trip last January. I had the chance to go around the mall and take a peek at the luxurious goodies which Hong Kong has to offer. Here are the stores I went to while I had school stuff in my mind (which I wanted to buy for my daughter). Turns out, I had my own interest in mind. Hahaha!

Lookie here! All the good brands are cheaper costs than in Manila. 

There's Gucci.

And there's an Omega shop just across the street from my hotel.

Then I went to the Central area to get a glimpse of LV.

Right across LV was Giorgio Armani. The shop looked awesome!

Everything was oh so tempting that I literally had to close to eyes and lock up my wallet! Hong Kong is such a nice place to shop. It's a great experience to go window shopping...well, at least for me.

I will try to post more pictures soon. Take care y'all! 

Hong Kong Trip - Jan 2013

Loved my recent trip to Hong Kong. I missed my kids so much though.

Picture taken inside World Trade Mall near Excelsior Hotel in Causeway Bay area.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our Koi

I was passing by one time at Tiendesitas and saw a banner saying something like a Koi Festival that's happening there. What immediately came to my mind was to check if we still have enough fish food for our 3 koi fish at home which I fondly call as "Tito, Vic and Joey".

Actually we had been lucky to have been able to keep our fish in our small pond for such a long time. We would have some problem before in keeping the fish alive since we are no fish-pet experts. But then again we decided to just observe and play it by ear. Apart from finding the right kind of fish food that they would like and actually eat and making sure the chlorine level of the water is keep within bounds, I think it helps that our pond is a bit green and "dirty" so the fish can eat the green formations at the sides. It may be a bit different if they had been held at aquarium stands from PetSupplies. But then that would be another story.

Anyway, our koi fish is really a fantastic sight every morning. For reasons I can't explain, I feel hugged and happy whenever I see them. I really hope they stay happy and alive for a long long time.

Girls Club

My daughter is having another club session tomorrow. They will be making bookmarks and taking up an interesting story in the Bible. Looking forward to that!

Our Car "H"

I recently got a new car as a benefit from my company. It's a black sedan and my son would call it "H" (for Honda). At first we wanted to call the car "Elsa" after its old owner but then Luigi insists that she should be called "H". And so, "H" it is.

I've been forced to drive to work on some days. So far, so good. Sometimes it could really be stressful especially since it's super duper traffic in the morning. But then it's such a convenience compared to having to look for a taxi or FX just to get home at night. One thing I'm trying to avoid though is being so immersed sometimes in my thoughts when I go home alone that I tend to zone out for a second then coming back realizing that I AM DRIVING! Tsk, tsk! Do you have a suggestion on how to avoid this?

Anyway, good thing parking is not a problem so far since we have a 4-car garage at home. Otherwise, it would be a great idea to get 4 post lifts to park the two cars we have in a convenient manner.

Beauty Day

I'm waiting for a chance this week to go on a beauty day. May hair is a mess and my nails are so dry. My back is aching too so I really need a full-body massage. But there I've got no time! So busy with work and familiy duties. Pls. rescue me!

Karaoke Night

My friends and I had gone last Wednesday for another karaoke night. We had some money from our Christmas party "Best Barkada" award and wanted to spend it wisely. Hahaha! And so all roads led to Centerstage again. The food was really good and the room we got was so huge we can practically break dance without bumping each other.

Anyway, I really enjoyed all of their company. It's convenient enough that we all like to sing and party. It doesn't matter if we do have a sizeable age gap (age does not matter!). Hahaha! What would matter would be that we enjoyed the night and enjoyed all the singing. In fact, I think I can burst out now in a song "Girls just wanna have fun" right now! It's all good!

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

I'm Praying for You.

You will not be forgotten.

Pope Benedict XVI

Benedict XVI is the 265th pope, a position in which he serves dual roles as Sovereign of the Vatican City State and leader of the Catholic Church. WikipediaBorn: April 16, 1927 (age 85), Marktl am Inn

Full name: Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger

Nationality: German

Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m)

Siblings: Georg Ratzinger, Maria Ratzinger

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