Thursday, February 28, 2013

More of Hong Kong Shopping

Hi there. Posting more pictures of my trip last January. I had the chance to go around the mall and take a peek at the luxurious goodies which Hong Kong has to offer. Here are the stores I went to while I had school stuff in my mind (which I wanted to buy for my daughter). Turns out, I had my own interest in mind. Hahaha!

Lookie here! All the good brands are cheaper costs than in Manila. 

There's Gucci.

And there's an Omega shop just across the street from my hotel.

Then I went to the Central area to get a glimpse of LV.

Right across LV was Giorgio Armani. The shop looked awesome!

Everything was oh so tempting that I literally had to close to eyes and lock up my wallet! Hong Kong is such a nice place to shop. It's a great experience to go window shopping...well, at least for me.

I will try to post more pictures soon. Take care y'all! 


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