Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Filipino Week

My 2 older kids both study now at PAREF. Luigi is now in Grade 1 while Zoe is in Grade 4. How time flies! Both schools also recently celebrated Filipino Week where they had to wear traditional costumes. Since this is a special event, I don't like missing blogging about it.

I will post some pictures once I figure out how to post using my iPad.

Zoe's class danced Leron Leron Sinta while during Luigi's program, they were the intermission number where they danced to Salamat by The Dawn. Luigi's performance brought back memories to me when way back in highschool, I would attend one of The Dawn's concert at Lourdes and they would sing Enveloped Ideas. I didn't think they had been using a wooden monitor stand during those days but I am pretty sure they do now.

Going back. My kids try so hard to impress us during their performance. And as parents, we are of course, are easy to impress. Just seeing them on stage trying their best is wealth enough for us. There may be more talented kids in the school than them but it doesn't matter because during each performance, whatis seen by the parents are each one's kids. Each one zeroes in their child. And with that, there is no competition. 

Blogger Amnesia

If there is such a thing as blogger amnesia then I would think that I contracted it for months.

Last active post was March 2015. Where did my life go? Hahaha! So many undocumented milestones in my children's life, especially for Joaquin who came when I had started to show signs of 'tamaditis', if you know what I mean.

Anyway, for the love of "blogging para sa ekonomiya"' I am sort of back again. No promises on how long I can keep it up. Will always just try to remember the attractive reasons for putting in those words in this page.

Will come back for more.

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