Monday, March 17, 2014

Two Weeks to Go

It's only 2 more weeks to go before I go back to work from my maternity leave. I actually have only started to enjoy the time recently after I got back into "normal" condition and then I realize there is only a short period left for me to do all the stuff that I want to do while on "vacation".

So far, I've only managed to fix up my closet and some paper documents. I took advantage of the sale in Shopwise to buy those plastic crates which I filled up with importants documents.

I literally threw out a huge box containing old papers (old credit card bills, old work-related papers, old payslips, etc. etc.). I organized my docs in clear folders and piled them in these plastic bins for easy access.

I also put into bigger crates my old clothes, maternity clothes and even some clothes in good condition but I choose to not wear anymore for some reason or another. Because of this, my clothes collection was cut into half. With this, my closet has become a more organized space to look at, whereas it was literally a jungle during my entire pregnancy period.

I also checked out and dispatched of old shoes. During the process, I realized that a girl can never have enough pair of shoes! Although I've gotten rid of more than 7 pairs of old shoes, I feel that I needed to replenish all of it to have a "secured" shoe collection fit for my job and my role as a mom, wife and friend. Thus, one time, when I went out with my balikbayan aunt, I got myself a new pair of driving shoes (in flesh) and a pair of black slippers that are okay for strolling around the mall. Heaven! Hahaha! Seriously!

Next up for cleaning is our attic space. Apart from it having inches of dust, there are loads and loads of bags, stuff toys and other knick knacks (which includes an aerobic stepper, computer stuff, blankets, curtains, toys, and many more) which need to be sorted out and decided whether to keep or give away. And knowing myself, to sort it all out would take me forever to do. Hahaha!

Did I say that this week is also exam week for the big sister? I am drowing in Science and Language worksheets now. And then at the end of the week is the big recital for Zoe. She will play Swans on the Lake and Dutch Dance. We need to seriously practice!

So good luck to me on my last 2 weeks of maternity leave. Hope I get to finish all my personal stuff before I concentrate again on my corporate responsibilities (and that one deserves a separate post!).

Time for a Cool Change

I went on a beauty day-off with my girlies from college last week. Ruby got coupons from Ensogo and we got ourselves "beautified" at the Status Salon in Katipunan.

I initially wanted to have my hair rebonded but decided the last minute to go for a digiperm. Whhaaa! It was a big change for me :-). Good thing, I'm quite happy the way it turned out. Here are some pictures to share.

Before and During:

The finished product:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy Thoughts - March

1. I can drive again!
2. Trip to Duty Free - new perfume for hubby and new lipstick for me + PX goods galore!
3. Ash Wednesday - time to reflect again
4. Cutie pasalubong from cousins from the States
5. Chocolates
6. Online shopping finds
7. Growing baby
8. Continuing to breastfeed baby morning, noon and night - Thank you Lord for this gift of motherhood
9. Exam week for the little school boy - he's doing well even if I don't get to tutor him as much
10. Good health for the whole family

My Lovely Baby

Can't stop myself from posting some pictures of my new baby. I am still composing my birthing story and baptismal post of baby so thought of publishing first some lovely pics to capture the memories.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Music for Baby

I've been recently having problems getting sleep at night. Baby's sleeping patterns have been changing and he has been feeding during irregular intervals that I am finding it so hard to get some decent sleep for days.

I have tried to find a solution to this and have been researching on how to improve the situation for the benefit of both baby and myself. The internet and books have been a huge help in giving me ideas on getting the baby to relax and sleep in longer intervals. From there I have learned that baby massage and classical music are some of the best ways to keep the baby calm (and sleeping!) at night. For the meantime, I have been relying mostly on Youtube to provide me with relaxing lullaby music. Now I wonder if a bg tradition ligature tenor at WWBW will be able to help me further in giving soothing music for my baby.  I am sure that a little bit boost would help much!

Joaquin's Baptism Invitation

Since I was recuperating from my operation, I had relied on the help of online resources to help me come up with an invitation for the baptism of Baby Joaquin. Thank you to Nyree of Embellished Design Studio for designing this wonderful invite!
Will post more pictures of Joaquin - in the hospital, going home, first few days at home and his baptism ceremony and celebration. 

Piano Recital

Zoe had finished a total of 10 months of private piano lessons at her school. And now, it's time for her to have a piano recital to show what she has learned from the months of piano lessons. Her recital piece will come from her music book below.


Good thing, my Dad brought home with him their electric organ so that Zoe will be able to practice some more and be more that prepared for her recital.

Anyway, as early as now, she is already thinking of taking up guitar lessons as well. Well good luck to her!

Good bye Ninang

My Ninang, and later on my step mother, suddenly succumbed to a stroke and passed away last January 23, 2014. It was just a few days short of her 69th birthday. The picture above was the last picture I have taken of her. This was on December 25, 2013, Christmas Day, when she and my Dad visited me and Joaquin in the hospital.
May the Lord welcome her with open arms into His Heavenly Kingdom. Amen. 

Get it on!

I am ready. I am ready and well enough to start on an organizational project. That is, a project involving cleaning the house and organizing all the things which have been left unattended during the whole 5 months that I had been put on bed rest and recovery mode. If you think if over, a week of not being able to clean up your closet or cabinet could already end up in disaster. Now what more if it's been left there for months and months! You get the picture.

Actually, I've already started cleaning up the pantry a few weeks ago but it got stopped because of lack of time and space. I had gathered all our seldom-used cups, mugs, bottles, even my customized water bottles and had put it in a big paper bag. Now I don't know how and where to store it so that I'll still be able to use it in the future. Any ideas? I need inspiration! The clock is ticking since I only have a few more days left from my maternity leave and the baby is still the priority over any house mess!

Late Post: New Year's Eve 2014

December 31, 2013 - The day we brought Joaquin home. Our family is now complete and just in time for the New Year!
Thank you Lord. Gratias tibi Deus!

It's March!

The months have passed by so fast. I can't believe that it's already March! So many things have happened to me and my family that I could hardly remember all the little details of the days and months that have gone by. All I could really think of now are the current happenings in the house: new baby, kids, relatives visiting from abroad, celebrations, examination week, health scares and many other things.

So far, we are moving towards a more "normal" life, if you can call it that. My health is much better now plus the baby is growing so well. Looking back a few weeks ago, I was far from okay and we had such a chalenging time as a time family in terms of health and finances. But God is good! Even though Santa did not pass by our house to bring gifts for the kids, we are all okay. Even the kids understand the difficulties we have gone through. Anyway, we can always buy atvs online as gifts for the kids once we get our financial groove back. Yes, that's how positive I am! My childbirth experience may have bore big holes in our pockets but that will not keep us from being happy and positive about our condition and life as a whole.
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