Monday, March 3, 2014

Music for Baby

I've been recently having problems getting sleep at night. Baby's sleeping patterns have been changing and he has been feeding during irregular intervals that I am finding it so hard to get some decent sleep for days.

I have tried to find a solution to this and have been researching on how to improve the situation for the benefit of both baby and myself. The internet and books have been a huge help in giving me ideas on getting the baby to relax and sleep in longer intervals. From there I have learned that baby massage and classical music are some of the best ways to keep the baby calm (and sleeping!) at night. For the meantime, I have been relying mostly on Youtube to provide me with relaxing lullaby music. Now I wonder if a bg tradition ligature tenor at WWBW will be able to help me further in giving soothing music for my baby.  I am sure that a little bit boost would help much!


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