Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Day's Hits and Misses

It was Zoe's school's Family Day a couple of weeks back. That morning, we traveled to the venue with Zoe pretty okay and active. She actually practiced their singing and dancing the whole way going to the theater.

Zoe was supposed to sing "Christmas in our Hearts" and dance "Under the Sea" with her classmates but...

By the middle of the program, her eyes were a little droopy and she looked frail and sick.

We all thought it was just because the place were so cold. However, I had reason to panic when we saw her barely singing in the stage during their first song. Knowing my daughter, that meant that she was not feeling well at all.

So eventhough had a wonderful pink "squid" costume made for her for their Under the Sea number, we sadly had to rush her home for she was chilling and vomitting in the theater. It was so sayang but what can we do.

Anyway, I hope we find an occasion to still use the squid costume. Zoe looks so cute in it. For sure there will be a next time.

Tagaytay Trip

My sister was home last month and we took advantage of being with her by taking her to her seminar at the Tagaytay Conference Center.

The kids really enjoyed the short trip. We didn't bring them during the last time (in our wedding anniversary celebration in Tagaytay) so I promised to let them come along this time. It was Luigi's first time to go to Tagaytay and we were so happy that he was a pleasant traveler.

Here are some pics which I'm sharing:




Love my kids.

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