Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

It's been another Holy Week finish this year and boy it was a very challenging week.

More details next time. But please keep our family's intentions in your prayers. Thanks and Happy Easter to everyone.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Graduation Month

March is truly Graduation Month! I have so many friends who are celebrating the graduation of a family member (be their child, cousin or niece or nephew) these days. I am happy for them for their family is truly blessed to have such successes in life.

I still remember when I graduated from college. I worked a few years first and then looked for a chance to go into mba admission. I went with some friends to “shop” for the best business school in town. When we found “the one”, we immediately took some VeritasPrep reviews to increase our chances of passing the entrance examinations. Of course, we did pass and end up studying MBA for the next 2 years. My days were full of case studies, papers, library research and exams to prepare for. Though I was only get 3-4 hours of sleep during the weekdays, all the challenges were worth it. With patience, hard work and a lot of perseverance, I was able to finish and did graduate with flying colors. That was a very special day! I still remember feeling very proud to have finished. My MBA degree was a gift both to myself and to my parents. I wanted to make them proud and I hope I really did.

I want to...

Stressed over many things. Need this right now. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kindermusik - Almost Done!

My son L really has had a grand time attending his Kindermusik classes. I think it had ignited his musical talent and well as his dancing skills! I just love it when I see the twinkle in his eyes everytime the teacher would notice him during class. He loves to sing and dance so much. Hopefully we can enroll him again during the summer. His interest in music has to be properly supported and we can do this by way of the Kindermusik classes. On top of this, I can also decide to enroll him to another class on some instrument. I could just imagine my son wanting to learn how to play an instrument like the drums. I did see some drums for sale the other day. It gave me a great idea and if I pursue it, L might end up being like someone from 1D!

Looking for a Carry-on Bag

I have been looking for a handy carry-on bag for my daily travel from home to office where in I don't need to carry my laptop and other documents.

And so I saw this lovely Samsonite carry-on. Wish I can order it from Amazon and have it delivered right on my doorstep.

Fashion Dresses

I am currently browsing thru some lovely dresses online. So many pretty things I see! It actually makes me wish so much that I am 20 pounds lighter so I can wear those dresses with justice. Haha!

I guess I need to work on my weight first before I start buying anything online. I need to go back to exercising at the gym! Or else, I need to stop surfing those online stores. The professional photographers are really making good profit since they can make those online stores so special and enticing!

March 11

March 11 marks a very special day for me. It's a day which I celebrate my vocation and by God's grace, it also specially coincides with the birthday of a very honorable priest and bishop, Venerable Alvaro del Portillo.

It was on his 80th birthday then and I woke up very early to go to mass and to pray especially for him. I think God gave me a special gift that day, trickling from the many other people who had prayed for this man on that special day.

Now that was 19 years ago and Don Alvaro would have been 99 years old this year.

And since he is already in Heaven, Don Alvaro would be able to work better in helping us bring to God all our hearts' prayers. Don Alvaro - please help and guide us from Heaven. Thank you for showing us a good example and for being an inspiration for us to continue to be faithful to God amidst the daily struggles.

First Steps of Educhild

Hubby and I are currently in studying a school for parents, that is. We had enrolled ourselves to Educhild's First Steps, a program that will teach you about parenting (for those with kids at 7 years old and below). The approach is through case methodology and is really very helpful for us. In addition to that, there are other couples there that we can share notes with and that really adds to the value of the course. The icing on the cake is that we might even earn new friends!

In the end, what we will derive into the discussion are stuff which we can apply in our personal day-to-day "struggles" as parents. And for that, the 10 Saturdates which we've invested is all worth while.

I leave you with the brochure. Bye-bye for now, I gotta go and look into wireless fencing for dogs for my friend who recently got a pet dog.

Davao is Love

I was on an 18-hour visit to Davao last week. Short as it may seem, I had a blast! First, the place feels so spacious and the air so fresh. That's compared to Cebu which was more like a piece of Metro Manila. Second, the food was great - yummy fish, delicious fruits and nice delicacies. As a result, I went home bringing almost 10 kilos of pomelo and mangosteen and I got it for a very cheap price. Cheap! That's another plus point for Davao! 

Hope I can go back so that I can try to explore the beaches next time.


Plan for an Out-of-Town Trip

I really want to be able to spend one weekend with the family staying out of town soon. As a family, there is a need to go out and bond on a regular basis so as to strengthen our relationship and promote fun, love and relaxation. There we can go work on our Family Visioning as well, a practice which we have learned from our NPEP orientations.

Because of my recent trip to Cebu, it gave me an idea to bring my whole family there too. That would definitely be nice. We can stay at the hotel where I stayed and go for some beach activities in the island nearby. Or maybe we can go to Bohol. That would be so much fun! We can frolick in the beach and go see the nature sightings. Or maybe we can go to Boracay this summer. In Boracay we can enjoy the clear seas or relax in a lovely hotel, drinking fresh juices and sitting on comfy with foambymail bean bag chairs.

God will provide. Let's do it!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

New toothbrush commercial model?

This made me smile. I thinks the chimp is a cutie! Nice teeth and fresh breath always add to pogi points indeed.

Happy weekend everyone!

What to do this summer

My daughter is going on at least two months of vacation and early on I have been thinking and planning on how I will help her maximize the free time. We gotta keep her busy, otherwise, it will be tv and iphone all day, all night. Not good.

Part of the plan is let her enjoy the activities in the Girl's Club this April. They will have a series of preparations for a mini-camping activity. Zoe is so excited that she wants to invite some of her friends as well to go camping with her at the Girl's Club.

On the side as well I went to buy her some flash cards on addition and subtraction so she can polish on her math skills. Also, I bought her a water color set so she can practice paiting. Another one was to buy the kids new jump ropes to supplement their usual biking and badminton games since I figured that jumping ropes can be so much fun! Lastly, I wanted her to read more books so I got her a few reading materials. Not sure if she wants to learn more about science too. I can her some stuff related to experiments and nature. Or maybe get her and Luigi their own lab ovens just for extra fun. Hmmm! Sounds good!

Habemus Papam

This is history as it happens.

I will love and pray for the Pope, who ever he may be. As we have been so accustomed to praying for him, it really is almost automatic.

God bless His Church. God bless our Pope.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

School's Over!

My daughter just had her last day of examinations and last day of school. How much she will miss her classmates and teachers! This school year has been exceptionally enjoyable and developmental for Zoe. Since she entered big school, she had gained much confidence in herself, her talents and in the things that she can do. She also had learned to be a little bit more mature and trusting with the people around her especially her teachers.

As a mom, I am so happy that my daughter loves her school so much. Although I know that she is so looking forward to the summer, she would still want to go to school if she could. Anyway, enrollment period is due next month. I need to be prepared!!! I am actually looking into other possibilities of saving. An example would be to see the site on rent textbooks and understand if I can get huge savings from getting into it. We'll see! Good luck to us.

Cebu, Cebu!

I recently went on an overnight stay in Cebu due to a work-related assignment. I must say that I really appreciated seeing a different part of the Philippines which I've never seen before. It made me feel that there is more to the world than the four corners of my office cubicle.

Although I didn't really see much of Cebu other than the major churches in downtown Cebu plus the Metro Ayala Mall (LOL), it was fun while it lasted.

Hope to bring my kids there next time so we can enjoy the beach in Mactan Island. Oh well, next time.
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