Saturday, March 16, 2013

What to do this summer

My daughter is going on at least two months of vacation and early on I have been thinking and planning on how I will help her maximize the free time. We gotta keep her busy, otherwise, it will be tv and iphone all day, all night. Not good.

Part of the plan is let her enjoy the activities in the Girl's Club this April. They will have a series of preparations for a mini-camping activity. Zoe is so excited that she wants to invite some of her friends as well to go camping with her at the Girl's Club.

On the side as well I went to buy her some flash cards on addition and subtraction so she can polish on her math skills. Also, I bought her a water color set so she can practice paiting. Another one was to buy the kids new jump ropes to supplement their usual biking and badminton games since I figured that jumping ropes can be so much fun! Lastly, I wanted her to read more books so I got her a few reading materials. Not sure if she wants to learn more about science too. I can her some stuff related to experiments and nature. Or maybe get her and Luigi their own lab ovens just for extra fun. Hmmm! Sounds good!


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