Sunday, March 17, 2013

Plan for an Out-of-Town Trip

I really want to be able to spend one weekend with the family staying out of town soon. As a family, there is a need to go out and bond on a regular basis so as to strengthen our relationship and promote fun, love and relaxation. There we can go work on our Family Visioning as well, a practice which we have learned from our NPEP orientations.

Because of my recent trip to Cebu, it gave me an idea to bring my whole family there too. That would definitely be nice. We can stay at the hotel where I stayed and go for some beach activities in the island nearby. Or maybe we can go to Bohol. That would be so much fun! We can frolick in the beach and go see the nature sightings. Or maybe we can go to Boracay this summer. In Boracay we can enjoy the clear seas or relax in a lovely hotel, drinking fresh juices and sitting on comfy with foambymail bean bag chairs.

God will provide. Let's do it!


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