Wednesday, March 13, 2013

School's Over!

My daughter just had her last day of examinations and last day of school. How much she will miss her classmates and teachers! This school year has been exceptionally enjoyable and developmental for Zoe. Since she entered big school, she had gained much confidence in herself, her talents and in the things that she can do. She also had learned to be a little bit more mature and trusting with the people around her especially her teachers.

As a mom, I am so happy that my daughter loves her school so much. Although I know that she is so looking forward to the summer, she would still want to go to school if she could. Anyway, enrollment period is due next month. I need to be prepared!!! I am actually looking into other possibilities of saving. An example would be to see the site on rent textbooks and understand if I can get huge savings from getting into it. We'll see! Good luck to us.


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