Thursday, December 27, 2012

A nice gift

I have not given my sister a Christmas gift yet. I think it would be just divine to send over to her microphones for her and her housemates' use. But since I really cannot afford these at the moment, I went over to Pinterest and saw this lovely musical inspiration which is perfect for my sister who is a Music Teacher. It's so her and I love it. I wish I could ask someone to create something like this for her.

So Cool

What a nice taco cupcake! Gimme, gimme!

Photo credit here.

A Thousand Years

I've been recently hooked on the music of Christine Perri. I just love the sound of her voice. It's very ethereal and is so fit for movie soundtracks. In particular, I so like the song "A Thousand Years". It makes you feel so in love. According to Zoe, she is going to be like her. She just told me now "Mom, for Christmas 2013, I want Santa to give me a big brown guitar." I guess I need to prepare for the future then. I could go avail of a great music education program to make way for my daughter's music career. :-)

Me and My Loves

A quick photo post on my BIG loves...from girl who devoutly loves God, her husband and children.

Music On my Mind

I love the way my kids are growing up very musically-inclined just like the rest of my family. Zoe has a very good sounding voice while Luigi, I believe, is a perfectly-pitched little boy. I could already see how the future looks like: Brother and Sister Band.

Speaking of music, here is a picture of our Christmas Party at Kindermusik where Luigi is enrolled now. He's in the class "Our Time - Milk and Cookies" for this semester. Luigi and Zoe look so shy here. Hahaha!

What a Beauty!

I was surfing through the web and found this beauty.

Omega Women's Constellation Quartz Two Tone Watch

It's at 24% off at Amazon. I hope I can afford this someday...and soon! :-) Wink. Wink.

There's a Party at Home Tonight

I just learned that my husband is holding his team's post-Christmas celebration at home tonight. People will be coming in bring the food, drinks and cigars, while we prepare the venue, table and chairs.

Christmas parties seem endless! We still a few more to-be-finalized parties with some friends whom we promised to see during the holidays. I think I gained 5 pounds already just eating our Noche Buena left-overs. Hahaha! Oh before I forget, I need to do a separate post for our family reunion on Christmas Day! Wait for it.

Want to Watch

Saw this offer at Amazon today and really want to buy.

What to Do Today?

It's officially the second day of the Shutdown Holiday in my (old) company and I am pleasantly surprised to find myself with time to spare. Now since we cannot be idle doing nothing (lest the devil gets us by surprise), I am thinking of what to do with the aim to be productive and of course, not to break the bank. :-) Then I thought of this picture. This is taken in one of our office activities wherein we were treated to a free 5-minute massage. Wow! Look at those ladies in cheap dickies scrubs giving me and Janine a nice back massage. Truly a wonderful treat!

Now if I can just book a couple's massage at The Spa later. I still have some gift certificates to spare.

From my boss

David and Yin Wei sent me a bouquet of beautiful mums and roses on my last day at work.

I love it. Thank you so much! Until we meet again.

When Will You Be Mine?

I only have practically only a week to go to accomplish a mission: to complete my stickers and get to claim this - the 2013 Starbucks Planner Philippine edition.

I really, really need to get a new planner for the new year! I have a new job this coming 2013, my golly! I have to plan out my year in the right way. I have so many projects in my mind for 2013. It includes getting my kids into more extra curricular activities, helping out more in our TV advocacy projects, going into wholesale brochure printing, focusing on blog writing, learning to cook new dishes for the family and so much more!

To date, I only need 4 more Christmas drink stickers to complete the set. Anyone interested having coffee with me today? If ever, drop me a line and let's go!!!

Farewell Merienda

Saying goodbye is always never easy. But I had to say goodbye to my dear company because of a better opportunity that came knocking at my door.

So two weeks before I resigned, some friends surprised me with a going-away merienda. Thanks everyone!

Sharing some pictures with you.

All I Want for Christmas

Christmas is over and the kids are enjoying Santa's gifts to them.

I had wanted to give my kids something exquisite but my practical mind (and wallet) opted to choose simple things this year.

The kids woke up early Christmas morning finding Santa's gifts near the tree.

The little boy didn't understand the concept of Santa yet so he received his gift in a grumpy mood.

And so here are the gifts. We got them toy iPads, a battery-operated microphone, a dollhouse, a book (Si Inggolok at ang Planetang Pakaskas) and a watch.

Merry Christmas my dear kids!

Coffee Talk Friends

Hey guys, I just want to post the picture of my friends in HP, aka Coffee Talk Friends. It's been fun to share our thoughts and ideas for hours and hours and over lots of coffee and Kornets. LOL. I'll miss you guys when I start working from far away McKinley Hill.Hope na mapuntahan ninyo rin ako dun. :-)

Down with cough

We have been enjoying the past days staying at home together. It's been a happy time but very tiring too since we are sick. Last week had been a rough week with cough and fever downing us in the family (except for Daddy), making us unable to work at the usual level. I was down for almost 3 days and could barely come on my last day at work. I still had to report for work on the last day before the shut-down days to complete my clearance and be able to turnover my files and computer to my replacement. Everyone seemed to be on holiday mode already and there were only about 8 people who went to the office. The rest were either on leave already or were working from home! That was partly a good thing since I won't spread my virus to anybody in the office. But oh, I wish I also could work from home one last time or be able to go have a check up in the hospital and just use their mobile computer carts while I get some remedy for my very bad cough.

Anyway, get well soon to me!

Belated Merry Christmas!

“When St Josemaria looked at the Baby his eyes were those of a mischievous and very loving child. I and many others learned from him that you can pray with your eyes, your imagination, your inventiveness, and even your dreams.”

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Party to the Music

As mentioned in my previous post, we did starve much during the year-end company party. However, I really don't want to dwell much on that but rather, would want to stick on the positive things. For one, the host Ramon Bautista was A-ok! And then there was music! I really don't know who the bands that played. But for someone who loves music, it was pretty enjoyable. I think it was Stone-free who played before the raffle ended and then there was the featured band which capped off the night. They were called Urbandub, I think. Hahaha! Sorry I don't know them but I did like the way they hit their cymbals! There is nothing like it! :-)

North Park Dinner

After starving for hours during our office party in SMX, my friends and I headed back to Makati to eat at North Park to fill up our hungry tummies with some delicious Chinese food. 

Let me share some pics!

Definitely yummy!!!

To Buy...

For Christmas, I am going to ask Hubby to buy me a TV mount for our LCD TVs at home. We need to buy flat mounts that would hold up our TVs just like this picture below:

Having it mounted on the wall helps prevent the kids from watching TV too close. So when it's on the wall, they have no choice but to sit on the sofa and watch from afar. And I don't have to worry about their eyesight getting bad especially when they are still young. 

Another thing that's good about having your TV mounted is that you save space. So when we invite friends over to play Nintendo Wii or sing using the videoke, we don't have to move the furniture so that all of us will fit in the room. Hahahaha! 

Now I wonder if my husband still reads my blog. :-)


This is how Luigi looks like now. He is officially a Kindermusik student! More on that soon!

Mini Reunion - More Pics

I just want to add to my previous post about the time when we went to Batangas last November to visit our "balikbayan" relatives from Germany. I realized that I only talked about the new house and how they had literally spent their time there trying to decorate the house and put everything in order, buying everything from picture frames, curtains, masonry screws, and many other things in order to fill up the space. 

It actually forgot to include all the places we went to in Lipa. I am posting it here to keep the memories alive. 


Anyway, thank you Tito Freddie and Tita Mila for visiting! We look forward to seeing you again soon. Take care!

Super Hero Party

Hey, hey, hey! Look who's here! My dear friends Josh, Mel, Thea, Sam and Cha! You all look so nice here!

I will definitely miss all of you! (Sob, sob). Let's keep in touch! I wish you all the best in your career and more!

Looking for Christmas Gifts

My husband and I scoured through the malls last Thursday to find gifts for various people whom we want to thank and send our appreciation to especially this Christmas time. We need to find gifts for family, close friends, neighbors, officemates, our kids' teachers and classmates and many more. Oh my dear, there is really a lot more stuff to buy! I've never been on cramming mode like this!  

Well, quite successfully, we have managed to buy a few nice things. We chanced upon some decorative plaques, book ends, and some decorative tin cans. These are awesome as gifts for moms like me or young ladies who like lovely things! 

Now, the challenge is to find gifts for our male family members and friends. Do you have any nice ideas which you mind sharing? Ahrg! I'm running out of ideas! Help please. :-) 

A Unique Christmas Experience

Zoe's Girls Club headed to a Children's Home last Saturday to bring the kids in that house some Christmas cheer. They went to Tahanan ng Pagmamahal in Pasig City bringing gifts, food and other surprises for the kids there.

Their group prepared a short song and dance number for the kids.

They also played parlor games with them.

Here is Zoe with her adopted friend Kristal. Zoe gave her an early Christmas gift.

What a wonderful experience! I'm sure all the girls learned the value of sharing especially this Christmas.

Gearing up for Christmas

Howdy? It's just a few days till Christmas and I'm so looking forward to the holidays and short vacation. Traffic is just awful nowadays and I'm just trying my best to stay serene, focused and a little bit more prayerful this season. I will be leaving my job soon and jumping into a new one come 2013. There are still so many things to be done and to finish. My head is aching just thinking about the work that needs to be closed and transitioned to my replacement. Do I still have time? I really hope so! I know that I'm already supposed to be on "cruise control" already so I wish and hope and pray to turnover everything soon so I can celebrate Christmas in its true sense. 

Christmas has always been a time for sharing and joy. I remember the line "give until it hurts" which sometimes is more real than anything since this year has been extraordinarily hard on the pocket. However, I do look forward to a bigger and brighter 2013! I am with full confidence that we will overcome all kinds of challenges. I will stay positive and God will bring us all that we need and more!

Speaking of the future, have you considered trying out the best penny stocks? I am no financial expert but I can tell you that you can read up the site of Timothy Sykes and from there you will learn how to grow your money in no time! Try it and tell me what you think.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Zoe will drool over this...

If any of our relatives from the States can read this...Hope you can send us these since Zoe is really a super fan of One Direction. :-) I'm pretty sure she will be ecstatic to receive a gift like it.

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