Thursday, December 27, 2012

Down with cough

We have been enjoying the past days staying at home together. It's been a happy time but very tiring too since we are sick. Last week had been a rough week with cough and fever downing us in the family (except for Daddy), making us unable to work at the usual level. I was down for almost 3 days and could barely come on my last day at work. I still had to report for work on the last day before the shut-down days to complete my clearance and be able to turnover my files and computer to my replacement. Everyone seemed to be on holiday mode already and there were only about 8 people who went to the office. The rest were either on leave already or were working from home! That was partly a good thing since I won't spread my virus to anybody in the office. But oh, I wish I also could work from home one last time or be able to go have a check up in the hospital and just use their mobile computer carts while I get some remedy for my very bad cough.

Anyway, get well soon to me!


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