Sunday, December 16, 2012

Looking for Christmas Gifts

My husband and I scoured through the malls last Thursday to find gifts for various people whom we want to thank and send our appreciation to especially this Christmas time. We need to find gifts for family, close friends, neighbors, officemates, our kids' teachers and classmates and many more. Oh my dear, there is really a lot more stuff to buy! I've never been on cramming mode like this!  

Well, quite successfully, we have managed to buy a few nice things. We chanced upon some decorative plaques, book ends, and some decorative tin cans. These are awesome as gifts for moms like me or young ladies who like lovely things! 

Now, the challenge is to find gifts for our male family members and friends. Do you have any nice ideas which you mind sharing? Ahrg! I'm running out of ideas! Help please. :-) 


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