Saturday, February 23, 2013

Karaoke Night

My friends and I had gone last Wednesday for another karaoke night. We had some money from our Christmas party "Best Barkada" award and wanted to spend it wisely. Hahaha! And so all roads led to Centerstage again. The food was really good and the room we got was so huge we can practically break dance without bumping each other.

Anyway, I really enjoyed all of their company. It's convenient enough that we all like to sing and party. It doesn't matter if we do have a sizeable age gap (age does not matter!). Hahaha! What would matter would be that we enjoyed the night and enjoyed all the singing. In fact, I think I can burst out now in a song "Girls just wanna have fun" right now! It's all good!

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


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