Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our Car "H"

I recently got a new car as a benefit from my company. It's a black sedan and my son would call it "H" (for Honda). At first we wanted to call the car "Elsa" after its old owner but then Luigi insists that she should be called "H". And so, "H" it is.

I've been forced to drive to work on some days. So far, so good. Sometimes it could really be stressful especially since it's super duper traffic in the morning. But then it's such a convenience compared to having to look for a taxi or FX just to get home at night. One thing I'm trying to avoid though is being so immersed sometimes in my thoughts when I go home alone that I tend to zone out for a second then coming back realizing that I AM DRIVING! Tsk, tsk! Do you have a suggestion on how to avoid this?

Anyway, good thing parking is not a problem so far since we have a 4-car garage at home. Otherwise, it would be a great idea to get 4 post lifts to park the two cars we have in a convenient manner.


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