Friday, May 10, 2013

My Kids' New Favorite - APO!

My husband and I never expected the two kids to really like the songs we like given our "generation gap". We thought that we will be forever stuck to listening to what the kids like - Kindermusik songs, 1Direction, Taylor Swift, etc. etc. But lo and behold, after watching the movie "I Do Bidoobidoo", we saw how our kids loved the songs of the Apo. Just imagine a 3-year old boy singing "Panalangin" with feelings - yes, that's our Luigi. If only he can, he will grab a guitar anytime and burst into an APO song! Zoe is the same. Even with her twisted Tagalog, she can sing the tunes of the APO songs with such emotion. Even in the car, this is the album of choice playing on the iPod. 

Thank you to the makes of this movie for bridging our musical generation gap! Hahaha!


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