Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gearing up for the holidays

Finally, our Christmas treee is up and we are starting to feel the hustle and bustle of Christmas at home. Now even with me "jailed" at home for now, nobody is going to stop Christmas! My family are still so looking forward to the holidays (with or without Santa). Zoe for one has already made her Christmas wish to Santa. A new bike with two wheels. As for Luigi, when we asked him what he wanted from Santa, his reply was "Coke!". Hahahaha! I think that is so Luigi! Now, if I were to ask Dad what he wanted, I hope he will say that that he got want he wanted since he already got himself the new iPhone 5s in white/silver last week. It's actually the niftiest gadget in town. :-)

 As for me, if I could, I'll ask for a new bracelet from Pandora. Those trinkets from Pandora are so lovely! I want all of it for my collection. Now if only my hubby is reading this blog...we'll find out soon!

Meantime, let's keep the spirit of Christmas going amidst the many challenges now. Leaving you with my favorite line for the moment.


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