Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas is Just Around the Corner

It's just 25 days to go before Christmas and I'm pretty sure many public places have been playing the sounds of Christmas hymns all day and all night. Sadly this year, I still could not figure out how we will spend the holidays given my condition now. I've never spend Christmas just at home, much less just in bed. Thinking it about it makes me feel a bit "crazy" so to speak. I'll simply miss my all those Christmas get-togethers, quick catch-up dinners and lunches, as well as those most awaited reunions with friends and old officemates. I'll also miss Christmas shopping for gifts for family and friends. And no matter how hard it has been to get the perfect gifts, line up at the cashier, or wait for those presents to be wrapped in the concierge, nothing beats the joy of finding the right gift for someone.

Speaking of gifts, many of the things I wish I can do is to go to the mall and personally shop for the gifts I'd give to my kids. But I guess, the kids and the new baby would have to be satisfied with getting something which their Daddy will be able to buy for them. Anyway, if I were to wish for something, I would like to be able to spend a day in the mall, singing all those Christmas tunes in the background, and going around shopping for a g&l comanche at music123 for Zoe, an electric drumset for Luigi and a Classical CD collection for the new baby. Wishes, wishes, wishes!


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