Saturday, November 23, 2013

Room Redesign

With the new baby coming in less than 2 months, we have been discussing with the family on what is the best set-up in terms of room assignments.

Our house has 3 bedrooms at the moment: 1 big master's bedroom, 1 medium-sized room in the attic and 1 small-sized room at the ground level. Currently, the master's bedroom has been our abode for the past months, with all of us in the family, kids and all, snuggling there together every night. Zoe tells us that she is still scared to sleep on her own while Luigi also cannot be left alone just yet. Given this, the problem lies when our new baby comes and all 5 of us will end up in one room every single night. Our room will be not be big enough to fit all 5, that's for sure! Now, what should we do?

For starters, I've been browsing through the web for some room inspiration to redesign our attic room into a more kid-friendly room for Zoe.

Do you think with these room designs she wil be enticed to sleep on her own? I would love to incorporate the violet and pink them in her room for it really seems to fit her age and personality.

Hopefully, when some funds come, we can start on this project. At the same time, I will also try to convince my hubby to also work on getting these pull out shelves for our kitchen cabinets. We need to install some more of these to fit our growing collection of plates, pans and other glasswares. These provide us with easy access to our kitchen wares and at the same time give us an easy time to store for we need not climb the higher cabinets every time.


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