Monday, April 27, 2009

Stars and Issues

Yesterday, I got to view part of the interview of my "katukayo" on tv while she talked about her giving birth in Cardinal Santos. I thought to myself...well, okay, her baby looks cute BUT what's so special about the rest of the other things told?

I'm completely puzzled actually. First, why does the show make it sound as if their stories have the BIGGEST revelations or the ULTIMATE news when it's not really the BIGGEST and MOST INTERESTING news to date? They just bank on the scandals that they see around and build it up. I think these network people should stop doing what they do, that is, to feature scandals, fornication, separations, materialism and many other sins. Is it ever possible to share stories with more content and more good messages? It's really what the kids, teenagers, adult viewers.. in short, the whole Filipino people need...not all that crap and trash that you throw in to make money.


PM said...

because people continue to watch their shows. but of course, i totally agree with you here.

Vina P said...

you're right pat. thanks for commenting.

happy weekend!

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