Thursday, April 16, 2009

Birthday Wish List

With my birthday coming in less than a month from now, I thought of making my birthday wish list this early. Actually, I think I was tagged before by someone regarding birthday wishes but I never got around doing it.

Anyway, for this year, here's my list:

1. Good health and long life for my family.
2. A safe pregnancy and a healthy baby this September.
3. Success in breastfeeding (trying again for the second time around).
4. A new and better job for T.P. (in Metro Manila please!)
5. My own laptop.
6. A new phone (I'm actually due for a renewal in May).
7. A power juicer (this has been on the list for years now!).
8. A new bag (of course, I don't really need a new one right now).
9. A also hope to get my family that Home Theater Systems San Diego for that great TV experience day-in and day-out. I just talked to my friend and she told me about how fantastic her latest HD-TV is! She had it installed recently and now they can watch those great DVD movies with her family during weekends. They are enjoying every minute of it!
10. A new car...I know, I'm so lazy to drive anyway. But if God will give us a new SUV then I'll be more than glad.


Vanniedosa said...

may 3 ka din dba Vina?:) dami natin same wishes this year ah!

(#1, 2, 5, 8,9 and 10!) ahahaha

Vina P said...

may 13 ako :-) i remember nga from last year na pareho tayong may! advance happy birthday! lapit na.

Ai Dihayco said...

happy b-day in advance! asan ba ang kainan sis?

heheh! joke!
ingat lagi ka dyan. breastfeeding tips? ask me pag nagpa breastfeed kana kasi im purely breastfeeding iza and now Jan. though daming bawal hindi kainin pag nagpa breastfeed. but di bali as long as baby is healthy.ingat ka uli!

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