Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vina and Nina

My balikbayan cousin Nina from Illinois and I had a dinner date last Tuesday at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel - Paseo Uno. We haven't seen each other for ages so I thought it's apt to bring her somewhere special.

As usual, the food in Mandarin was glorious. We enjoyed every bite of it!

Here are some of the food we indulged in (which is just among the many plates of food we had)...

Bread that goes so well with soup:

A mix of things: beef brisket, shrimp tempura, pork barbeque, potato gratin, sea bass, polenta and rice. So, so yummy!

For dessert, we actually both had mango crepe and other wonderful stuff but it was Nina who took most of the pictures.

After dinner, my hubby picked us up and drove us to Boni High Street where we had juice and dessert at Seattle's Best.

As far as I could remember, Hubby devoured this New York cheesecake.

The night was filled with lots of good conversation and jokes! When we brought Nina home, there was even more kwentos that followed since Tita Josie was still awake. We ended the night a little past midnight. :-) It's so good to be seeing them again.


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