Monday, June 1, 2009

Want to Go Back

For some time now, I really have been aching to go to Greenhills again.

Blame in on the past days of rain. Why? It's because I have vivid memories as a teenager of spending cold rainy days in Greenhills. I would go with some friends and we would eat at the McDonald's there, enjoying a hot pack of french fries and a hot fudge sundae to go with it. We would stroll in Virra Mall and try out several funky outfits. We would also go to the Gift Gate shop and buy some Hello Kitty stationery and stickers to add to our collection. Then would cap the day with a game or two at the bowling center. After that, it was going home time once again. Oh, that was the LIFE!

Greenhills now (unfortunately or fortunately) isn't the same Greenhills I used to know. It's now, well, different. Of course, there are more choices now when it comes to clothes and shoes. Now, there are lots and lots of restaurants and fast food chains there too. There are even good cellphone and computer shops at the second floor. There are also rows and rows of shops selling great accesories, jewelries and other items that are associated with Feng shui for wealth and prosperity. (I heard that my friend now often goes there to buy several feng shui items to invite good "vibes" when it comes to health, wealth and money.)

Anyway, change is good. But whether Greenhill's charm is still there for me or not, that's another issue. But at least I'm glad that it's still standing.


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