Monday, June 1, 2009

A New Look and Some New Things

We had a very busy schedule last weekend. First, my hubby and I took our leaves on Friday in order to have ample time to wait and fall in line at the OB doctor's clinic in Cardinal Santos. Normally, our check-ups would be at M-Tech in Makati but M-Tech is temporarily closed until further notice. Thus, we needed to drag ourselves to Cardinal to have our monthly check-up. After our check-up (and after being given a "lonely" dessert and softdrink ban by the doctor), we headed to meet my Dad at the mall for lunch. It was a fun time for the Lolo and the little girl. My Dad gave Zoe a cutesy pig stuff toy which she has been hugging every single night since then.

We got to go around for a while at the Shangri-La mall after that. We scouted for some laptops and I think I'll be getting my own soon! Woo-hoo! We also checked out a voice over ip for a friend who has been looking for one. I heard that getting one is going to give you a lot of savings compared to making international calls via your normal landline telephone.

Anyway, we also had time to go to the mall-wide sale at Trinoma that evening. I got my husband a new pair of eyeglasses as my birthday present to him (*wink*). Actually, I should be a little ashamed because for his birthday present to me, he got me a new cellular phone! Hahaha. Thanks Hunny!

On Saturday, we were off to Kindermusik again for Zoe's 4th summer session. We then proceded to Araneta Center's Hap Chan for lunch. In the afternoon, we found ourselves in a McDo party for my friend Ruth's son who celebrated his 1st birthday. Zoe definitely had a lot of fun!

On Sunday, it was the usual mass in the morning. In the afternoon, Zoe tagged along as we ran some errands and I had some beauty parlor stuff done. Actually, I had let the hairdresser cut my hair short, as in very short. Honestly, I like my new cut even if I look like a "siopao" now. At least I have an excuse for cutting my hair and for looking (a little) fat. I AM PREGNANT after all, right?


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