Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last Monday...

My husband and I had a post-birthday dinner celebration on Monday night at Conti's. The weather was kind of perfect. It was a cold night because it was drizzling a bit. We walked towards the restaurant with hands together under our small umbrella which I thought was so romantic. :-)

We ordered our usual favorites: mango royale salad, baked salmon and lengua estofado. It was so yummy that not a single bit of food was left on our plates. Our conversation during dinner revolved mostly on domestic matters: Zoe, baby boy, know, that kind of thing.

We talked and talked about the present as well as the future. For example, we both agreed to get Conti's again as our caterer on baby boy's baptism which wouldn't be a long time from now (we plan to have the baptism by 1st week of October) just like we did during Zoe's own baptism three years ago. We also discussed the baby boy's name...yes, we're definitely getting there soon! I hope we will get to decide on the name very, very soon!

Anyway, we also talked about our plan to have a house renovation. I told my husband that I would love to re-design our dining room. I pointed out to him the nice mirror wall in Conti's and told him that I want to have something like that done to our huge dining room wall. I also told him that I've been looking at some Cheap Rugs online because I plan to place several Area Rugs both in the dining and living room. My plan is to put complementary rugs which would give the house a sort of theme. Rugs are the perfect thing to put coordination in the color-themes amongst the rooms in the house. My husband just had to agree with me (why wouldn't he?).

Oh last Monday night was one of those perfect nights!


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