Thursday, June 4, 2009


During my latest trip to the salon last Sunday, the lady who did my pedicure asked me if I wanted to wax the hair in my lower legs. So making sure that it's alright to have this procedure done even if I'm pregnant, we went to this enclosed room and she waxed my lower leg. After a few minutes, viola! My legs were hair-free and what a confident-booster it was for me!

Actually, unlike me, my friends often undergo body hair treatments. They have been urging me even before to join them and have laser hair removal in chicago. They tell me that if you go to a certified dermatologist, they can perform modern laser procedure to properly remove all your unsightly body hairs in the legs, underarms, arms, etc.. And what's great about laser procedures is that hair doesn't come back for a longer period of time compared to other procedures such as shaving and waxing. For example, Lakeview Dermatology offers modern skin treatment procedures which will surely make you feel beautiful, without the pain.

Now I think I'll have that laser treatment right after I give birth. :-)


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