Sunday, January 13, 2013

No Time to Read? Then Find Time to Listen

Very soon, I'll start again to drive myself to work. With that coming up, I have been considering my options on how to continue to make use of the travel time to pray, do my spiritual readings and catch up on my books to read. You see, I always try to make use of my time while I'm commuting. It gives me time to do my norms of piety by making use of my iPhone where I have all my books and prayers are stored. But then now that I need to drive since commuting to my new office is so hard and boring holes in my pocket, I might as well buy a new car to use to get to the office and back. But then with that, I could not anymore read and drive at the same time (obviously!). Thus, I'm now considering getting a free audio book download to try and see if I can still manage to do "read" my books while listening and driving.

How's that for a plan?


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