Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas is over, now what?

Christmas Day is over and people are trying to oil their engines to be able to go back to the usual grind. Today, I suddenly find myself reflecting on how my Christmas has been. I feel that it went by so fast without me really noticing it. Could it be because I was sick with cough and fever most of the Christmas vacation? Really, being sick is not good. Anyway, as I go back to "regular programming", I am gearing myself up for some serious spring cleaning every weekend of January. I would need those useful plastic bins in organizing my many stuff - and there is a lot! I might even decide to give away some clothes and toys just to clear the house of clutter. My goals for the year are order and detachment. Let's see how it all comes together.

How about you? What are you plans for the new year? Any new year's resolutions?


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