Sunday, January 13, 2013

Musical Lights Show

Last December, I went to see the Ayala Triangle's Musical Light Show. It was a show that happens in December and is played every 30 minutes from 6 in the evening. I had seen the past years' shows and was looking forward to seeing it again. For this year, I came to see it with my friend Maia on my last day of work in HP. 

After seeing it, this year's show seemed to me shorter than the ones before although I am pretty sure it was just about the same. I may have felt different about it because I was standing right under the lights and not far away as in the past years. I may have been so tired too when I arrived to the place since I have been walking around doing shopping and looking for a gift for a friend. At any rate, it was still a sight to see and will still definitely make you feel that Christmas is near since the lights and music are fantastic as it is.


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