Monday, November 26, 2012

Mini Family Reunion

We spent last last weekend in Batangas with our relatives from Germany. My Tito Freddie and Tita Mila were happy to be back in Manila and living in their very own home in Lipa. It's actually the first time for them to live in their house so they were very busy looking for house stuff including modern bedroom furniture sets. What they got for now is a brown L-shaped sofa set that is just right for the size of the living room.

Their house is actually so exciting to decorate. There are wide walls, a spacious living room cum dining room and a cute little kitchen area. There are also three bedrooms upstairs and a veranda to boot. A lot more work is actually needed to furnish this house. It still needs a perimeter gate and some landscaping work around the house. But nevertheless, it's actually livable already. The area is safe and has fresh air and it's only a few minutes from the city proper. Given more time and a few more "balikbayan" visits, their house would be a nice place to live in and retire to. 

Anyway, posting here a picture of us during our mini-family reunion. Tita Freddie and Tita Mila - it was nice seeing you again! We hope you had a comfortable and safe trip back to Germany. Take care always and see you again soon! 


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