Saturday, November 3, 2012

On Semestral Break

It's really such a fantastic thing to be on semestral break these days. Well, at least for Zoe. School ended last October 25 (when they had a Halloween party) and will resume on November 5. That's so cool, right? 

Before we had the break, we celebrated Mother's Day in their school (where they had some lovely song and dance numbers for us moms). This was right after they finished their quarterly examinations and started the 3rd grading. We're really wishing the Zoe will be able to ace her subjects and garner another special award. She has been trying her best to improve on her Language, Reading and Religion and I really appreciate all her efforts to fare better than the last quarter. If I could, I would have talked her into having her own English tutor but looks like she can still handle her subjects for now. I heard about VarsityTutors and they provide just the right tutorial services for anyone who is struggling with difficult subjects in school. 

Anyway, for now, I leave her academic work on the side and focus on less serious stuff while on vacation. So far, we have done several extra-curricular things at these times. First, there was the annual Trick or Treat event in our village. Zoe and Luigi dressed up as Jessie and Woody of Toy Story. They looked so cute together. It was like Luigi's first serious Trick or Treat event and he gamely went around the whole village trying to get treats from every house that's been tagged as a pit stop. The result? Well, they gathered two big bags of candies and other goodies that will probably last us a good month or so. Tooth decay, beware!!!

Well, another thing is that Zoe was able to join and attend her Daffodils Girl's Club once again. They already moved to another venue somewhere in Kapitolyo and we had to drive around to get to the place. Their activity the last time was making Thank You cards using recyclable arts and crafts. What she did, with the help of the other girls, turned out to be very pretty. Anyway, she's a big girl now. I left her there at the venue and then just picked her up after. And while she was there, the rest of the family went grocery-shopping at the nearby supermarket. Talk about time management!  

To end, I just want to share with you some pictures taken from the Mother's Day event in Zoe's school.  


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