Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Summer Time!

"School's almost over. Summer is back!" That's what my daughter kept telling me yesterday as we went through her text books trying to study for her final exams this coming week.

She is actually right. School is close to being finished and we could already feel the summer heat. However, we still have some tests to go through. Actually, we still have a total of 4 exams: Math, Social, Science and English. Whew! This sounds really tough given that she is just at kindergarten level. Hahaha!

Anyway, now that summer is here, we can't wait to really enjoy it! My family has been planning on going on a trip to the beach! Or maybe if that won't work, we can go to a nice resort or club house swimming pool. This Friday, we're actually scheduled to go on a fun swimming party with my daughter's kinder classmates as a sort of farewell to school. Plus, it's also a fact that like Zoe, many of her other classmates will transfer to other school's already so the party will be like our last time to bond with the other kids and mommies.

The party will be held at the village club house. That club house swimming pool is open all-year round. No need to worry about the changes in the weather and seasons because it has synthetic turf all around it. Thus, even it the sun is very hot, none of the lawn grass will ever wilt! Great thinking, right? It saves them a lot of money to maintain the garden and foliage.

Anyway, back to my tutoring! Happy Summer everyone!


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