Monday, December 14, 2009

Luigi: 3 months

My darling Luigi ~

You turned 3 months last December 8th. T'was the feast of the Immaculate Conception and we thought that it was marvelous timing to celebrate life ~ your life!

You have been steadily gaining weight this month and have grown quite rapidly, in my opinion. You are a very talkative baby, do you know that? Your constant cooing, giggling and ooohh's often fill the room with much joy. Sometimes, you seem to act like your sister when she was your age but also sometimes not. I believe that you have a character of your own and we are more than excited to know your very own temperament.

We celebrated your 3rd month with spaghetti, eggpie and ginataang mais (your Grandma made it just for you!).

With your Grandma staying with us for the past weeks, you have grown to enjoy being carried and rocked by her. You love it when she holds you in the rocking chair and how cute you tenderly fall asleep in her arms. I'm sure you feel the love and care that she has for you!

Meantime, your sister also shows how much she loves you by always wanting to kiss you in the forehead. She likes to act like Mommy by repeating what Mommy usually whispers to you, "Luigi, baby boy, sweetheart....". She likes to say that over and over again!

And how lucky you are for your Dad is truly very hands-on in taking care of you. He takes over looking after you and your sister whenever he can (he's a great Dad and yes, he wakes up at night to hand you to me for your feeding).

I feel truly blessed for having all of you, my 3 darlings, to come into my life. And for that, I'll be forever thankful to God.


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