Monday, December 15, 2008

Beginning and Beginning Again

Yes. I'm beginning and beginning again - a new blog, that is.

Why Well, vinanini is a sort of a nickname that I got from some good friends. As an endearment, we would call each other with a "-nini" at the end of our names (Carlanini, Rizanini, Cleonini, etc.). This group of friends are the ones to whom I could share my feelings, experiences, and thoughts with and just be myself. And regardless if we seldom see each other or talk with each other, my friendship with them is for keeps. It only grows stronger and stronger through the passing of the days.

I hope to grow and develop that kind of friendship with you over here. Soon.



RizaNini said...

hi vinanini! it's me the mastermind of our suffix names...hehhee

thanks for the more than a decade friendship despite not seeing or hearing from each other too often considering the "proximities", but our friendship will surely stay for keeps no matter what.

i congratulate you for this succesful career blog.

cheers to our friendship!!!

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