Friday, December 19, 2008

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

The race to Christmas has been long and dragging for most of us. Intermingled with lots of shopping, gift-giving, parties, food and gatherings, Christmas sometimes becomes a purely commercial thing. But for us Christians, Christmas should essentially be centered on the birth of Jesus and how important this event was and is to our history of salvation. When you talk about Christmas, where the rubber meets the road really is on how we have strived to find, know and love Christ.

Advance Merry Christmas, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Vina, thanks for praying for us. :) Merry Christmas! Hope to meet Zoe someday.

Ai Dihayco said...

Hi vina, just want to share to u how polish celebrates christmas. It is not more commercialized and u know what they really go to confession beforehand. as in grabe puno ang simbahan just for people to confess and during christmas dinner so solemn. Theres a prayer first and sharing with the opłatek (opwatek - host like) to everyone in the table. we will only eat carp fish and other 12 traditional polish dishes on christmas eve. the next day pa ang meat eating and other not traditional foods. hope i could share the polish way of celebrating christmas in my blog. Anyway, i like this entry of urs. it is true minsan nakalimutan na ang true essence of the season . dapat we have to prepare ourselves for Jesus coming not more on earthly things. Wesołych świąt as we say it in polish. Merry christmas to u and ur family.

Vina said...

to iris - i hope you had a great anniv celebration!

to ai - you know what, it's great to hear that from your side of the world, there are still so many people who still try to live their faith. the polish traditions, in particular, so fascinate me! (i'll wait for your blog about this, okay?). i really wish that the pinoy christmas will be more christian-like as it was in the past.

:-) merry christmas to you and your whole family! have a healthy pregnancy too!

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