Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Don Alvaro

The first Prelate of Opus Dei and successor of St. Josemaria, Alvaro del Portillo will be beatified on Saturday, September 27, 2014 in Madrid, Spain. My father and sister will be there to witness this special event while the rest of my family, including myself, will be seeing it live via cable tv.

Just to share - I am very grateful to him for interceding for me in so many ways. For one, I saw my vocation on the same day he turned 80 years old way back in 1994. It was the perfet timing! And more recently and more significantly, he had given his love by helping me and baby Joaquin through the whole pregnancy ordeal last year which I and the baby miraculously survived. Thus, I believe to this very day Joaquin and I will not be alive right now if my family had not gone to Don Alvaro and asked for his help.

Now on the centenary of his birth, by the grace of God, this year also marks the year of his much-awaited beatification. He will be raised to the altar as among those who are called blessed.

Don Alvaro, please guide us from heaven to be faithful and serene children of Christ, just as you were.


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