Thursday, September 4, 2014

Linggo ng Wika 2014

My daughter had their yearly Linggo ng Wika activity in school last week. As usual, they were asked to come in their traditional Filipino costumes. And since this is the third year that Zoe will be participating in the Linggo ng Wika, we saw that she already outgrown her old Filipiniana costume. So for this year, I got her a new red Filipiniana ensemble.

She looked adorable and beautiful as always. The costume I got is perfect for her.

A quick snapshot with her 2 brothers:

For this year, I learned that they danced the Flamenco. Unfortunately, I was not available to watch it that day because I was in a seminar. I just told her that I will include this post in my blog so that she can remember this time in her life when she grows older.

Blogs are really so convenient, right? I see many blogs in the world-wide web and many of them have been so helpful. For example, there the EntirelyPets blog which gives me information about pets. There are fancy videos, reviews and pictures in there. Check it out please.


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