Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Zoe and Luigi's Birthday 2014

September has always been considered as a birthday month in our family. Zoe turned 8 years old while Jose is now 5 years. How time flies! My kids are growing up so fast!
Sharing with you some birthday pictures.

Jose's birthday, also Mama Mary's birthday, was spent having a simple school party. Then we went up to Antipolo to fetch Zoe and afterwards we headed to St. John Paul II Parish for mass and dinner.
The next day, Zoe's birthday, we again went to Mass in Eastwood and then we let the kids enjoy one hour of play at Timezone.
I guess with the kids growing up, they tend to celebrate their birthdays leaning more to the way they want it spent, just as they want to decide for themselves like what clothes to wear or what toys or book to buy. We as parents, I guess, just need to keep up with them, keeping in mind that we need to still uphold the Christian virtues needed to be practiced by both kids and adults alike. :-)


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