Saturday, September 22, 2012

TAG is Back!

After a long hiatus, the TAG website is again updated and is sporting a new look! 

Thanks to the brilliant suggestion of my friend Nina to go for a color that softer for the eyes, I was able to help out the team by installing and customizing a new light blue look for the site.

TAG stands for TV Advocacy Group, a team of volunteer women who have given themselves the task of monitoring TV shows and helping viewers to be sift through the good and bad. TAG was conceptualized in November 2004 by three pioneering ladies who were determined to make a difference in the field of television, the difference being to improve the content of our local television programming.


To establish an association of TV viewers who can effectively influence the content of local programming on free TV. This means getting network owners, producers, directors, stars and advertisers to hear the association’s opinion on particular media content.

To positively influence the content of local TV programs in terms of:
  1. values portrayed
  2. decency in speech , dressing and action
  3. contribution to intellectual development of viewers
  4. promotion of healthy love for country
  5. respect for religious beliefs

Come visit TAG's site now at


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