Saturday, September 15, 2012

Silver Awardee

We had a fantastic surprise last week after learning that our daughter who is in 1st grade had received a Silver Award for the first quarter. Her academic grades and character assessment were good and this qualified her to get such award. Her Math, Science, Social Studies and Filipino were all at A while Religion and Language at A-. Her only B grade is for Reading. On the Character rating side, she mainly got O and VG.

We actually got to chat with our mentor and she shared all of Zoe's points of strength and points for improvement. We also had agreed to set a goal for her to do activities that will help improve her Reading and Comprehension. As a product of this, I really would try my best to find time to read and discuss with her more books so she will gain that confidence and real liking for reading. I understand that she only turned 6 years old last weekend and may be struggling to cope with her classmates who are about 1 year older than her. I might explore finding a tutoring service for her just like how many other parents are doing now. 

Talking about reading, even when I was young, I really loved to read. This is evidenced by my thick glasses which I have now. Ha, ha, ha. My dad and I have an agreement that he will bring me to National Bookstore every month and he would allow me to buy 1 book every time. One day, I chose this book entitled "Heidi". I loved this book and was hooked on reading from then on. I explored the likes of Shakespeare, Agatha Christie, Dickens and many many more (with no regrets whatsoever!).  I hope I will be able to share this love for reading with my daughter Zoe.


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