Saturday, July 3, 2010

Luigi's 9th Month Celebration

Another late post but anyway...

I hope you're not getting tired about my postings on Luigi's monthly celebrations. He turned 9 months last June 8. That's a day after his daddy's birthday so we just settled with a cake and some pancit.

Our baby boy is looking more and more like a Cabbage Patch baby. He still has so little hair! But in fairness, his teeth are sprouting and so is his appetite. He eats almost everything we give him and I'm quite happy. You see, the pedia asked us to feed him lots of food since he's still a bit below the ideal weight. So I hope he gains more and more weight as the days go by.

Anyway, here is a snapshot of my dears on Luigi's 9th month cake-blowing.

Happy birthday my dear little boy! I love you!


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