Saturday, July 3, 2010

More on Cars...

Ok. I'm still here blogging away. Gosh, staying here at the car-wash cum cafe makes me drool. All the nice cars coming in and out makes me wish we can buy a new car right now.

There were several cars that came in this morning with the nicest accessories and chrome trim. I love it! It's all so cool! So I'm thinking that when the time comes that we are very decided to get a new car, I would make sure that we have the budget to add some bling-bling to our new car. Hahaha!

We actually had an offer to buy a car from my Dad's friend. It's the type of deal which is so irresistible. If only I had my retirement money now, I would immediately jump at the offer. But the problem is, my money is still in the works so I think we would have to pass. Hopefully, when we do have the money to buy, that car would still be available. (Heads up please to the people doing my final pay computation --- hope you can give me the check soon!!!).

So, anyway, any takers for a red Toyota Corolla? I'm selling it for a very reasonable price.


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