Monday, January 19, 2009

Little Girl Antics

Zoe's current (terrible two) antics never cease to amuse me (or send me in panic!).

On our first day in Iloilo, we headed to Bourbon Street in Smallville for dinner with my sister. Zoe was not contented on just sitting down so we let her walk around the place. Her Dad was the one watching her all the time. Both stepping from outside, my hubby who had his back turned didn't notice Zoe stop to play near the door. We suddenly heard her cry "Daddy, Daddy!" ~~~my heart stopped when I saw her fingers stuck in between the wooden double doors of the restaurant. It was like an eternity! When her Dad finally got her fingers out, some of her nails had a brown color on them (the doors were painted brown). I really thought patay na kuko sya. Whew! Good thing it was not. Hahaha. Zoe only cried a little. Shortly after, it was as if nothing happened.

On our third day, we were at Tatoy's Manokan and Seafood for lunch. Zoe woke up from a nap just as the food was arriving. When she opened her eyes, the first thing she said was ~~~ "Coke, Coke Araw-Araw!!!!" Hmm.... Then she eyed on the really red plastic glass that held the paper napkins and wanted to drink from it. Of course we couldn't let her! It was dirty! So lagot! She didn't stop crying na!

Then yesterday, our last day in Iloilo, we were at my sister's house where they have an oratory. I was inside doing my afternoon prayer (as the rest of the people were doing) when Zoe enters, looks for me and shouts -- "Mommy! Pupu!" (I wanted to disappear!) And then after some time trying to kneel down and pray, she notices that her Dad was left outside so she stands up and headed for the door. Then suddenly, remembering that the ladies there genuflect first along the aisle before leaving, she takes an abrupt halt to genuflect (what a nice genuflection you made baby!) and then runs like crazy while saying "bye bye Jesus" as she sped away! It made the people inside the oratory burst of laughter/tears!

Zoe also picks the worse times to have a tantrum now. For example, on our plane trip back to Manila, she went into a tantrum right before take-off! She was shouting, crying and strangling to get off from her seat and didn't stop until the seat-belt sign was put off. I'm pretty sure it frightened a lot of the passengers, kids and adults alike! Hahaha! I could still remember the look that this well-dressed man gave us when I couldn't make Zoe to stop from crying and shouting. I could see that he was obviously pissed! I wanted to tell him -- "She's two! What can I do??!!!" Oh, by the way, she was sound asleep 10 minutes after take-off and awoke at 6:30 na this morning, which is the reason I was late for work today. Her morning cry of "Mommy!!!! Mommy!!!" is usually my alarm clock. :-) I could only assume that she had a blast during the whole trip that is why she ended up so tired and sleepy (like me!).


SearchingWellness said...

Hi Vina, now I realized why you traveled all the way to Iloilo. I was puzzled at the start because I know you are not Ilongga. Hehehe. How is your dear sister. Any pictures with her? Do you really look alike?

Vina P said...

Hi Iris, been going to Iloilo to visit Tawili for several years already and we've always loved it there. Yeah, my sister and I look alike and talk alike too!

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