Saturday, January 24, 2009

Early Pregnancy Stuff

I really never expected to experience pregnancy symptoms so early....and I mean, so early in the morning. Yeah, found myself vomiting and hugging the toilet as early as 4am last Friday, when I am still dazed and half-awake. Zoe decided to wake up too and wanted to play already. To top it all, hubby is away on a job-related out of town trip.

Being pregnant is really something. I'm really feeling all of the stuff about it now. I get tired easily. I experience morning sickness and get so sleepy at work. Even my appetite's gone which is almost unbelievable. I'm not complaining though because I know that it's all for the good.

In addition, whether pregnancy-related or not, I also had been feeling emotional lately. I was watching EWTN and the coverage about the March for Life in DC yesterday and I found myself crying for hours after seeing all those rallying for a change in the Obama policies on abortion and contraception. Although all of these may seem irrelevant to me, I felt sad too thinking that there are still so many things that Obama can learn about the unborn. Actually, I really need not even look far. Even here in RP, there is still that battle to fight the reproductive 'health' bill. And as a pregnant woman, I find myself in the forefront of that fight --- wanting to do everything to protect the rights of the unborn baby, including my own, who someday, can be one of the great leaders of this honorable country. Thus, we cannot allow our leaders to pass a law allowing abortions in this country, propagating contraceptive drugs and materials, implementing sex education at the improper level in school and preventing parents from freely choosing how many kids they should have and how far apart they should have them.

Pregnancy is NOT a disease. It may have its inconveniences but the better things about it take over still. And what could be any greater than to carry and give birth to a unique person in the image and likeness of God (for this part -- I believe that it's not just my pregnancy hormones talking but really just me).


Ai Dihayco said...

ditto to that vina!

Ingat ka dyan..hinay hinay lang.

Good news! kakalabas na ang Izabela ko today.

Vina P said...

thank you ai! great to hear that izabela's feeling better na. :-) stay warm!

Anonymous said...

great post Vina...^_^ i agree! esp w. the Obama thing.

Vina P said...

thanks Vannie!! have a safe and healthy pregnancy. God bless!

Anonymous said...

We know that being pregnant is very difficult, and you need your partner. Especially, when morning sickness is going are so tired and stress because of strong and I know you can handle it.

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