Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In My Christmas Wish List

I've recently been thinking about Christmas and how it is a season of giving.

Ahem! So I thought of my 2014 Christmas wish list in case you would like to make it come true. :-)

Here is what I've been "wanting" (note: just want, not need).

1) An external hard drive with terrabyte space
2) New Nike Rosheruns for women
3) A new laptop (Macbook air?)
4) New wardrobe or cash to buy new wardrobe
5) Have the whole house repainted in time for the holidays
6) Mobile speakers from muscians friend
7) Airconditioner for the two other rooms in the house
8) A bike
9) Annual gym membership
10) A new bag

 Hi there, Santa! Are you reading this? I really hope so!

Advance Merry Christmas to everyone! Ho! Ho! Ho!


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