Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Taste of Macau

Just a throwback on our memorable trip to Macau last June 2014.
We went to Macau without expecting anything. We just wanted to see the sights of the city and enjoy every bit of Macau history. With this in mind, our feet led us to a wonderful trip amidst a beautiful city with fantastic sights, sounds, smell and even taste!
Our very first stop was at the St. Paul's Ruins near Senado Square. The scene here is so romantic and peaceful. I loved how the church as if suddenly shows itself as we took a turn from where our hotel was. The impact of the church's ruins was great and I could just imagine how beautiful the church would have looked like when it was still intact.


After St. Paul's, we went to Senado Square and took advantage of the free mini-concert by this band in the picture. I listened to them playing for a few minutes and was inspired by their jazzy genre and wonderful instruments. They must have known about pro line, I wonder! Too bad, we had to move on and dig deeper into the city.

Here is a picture of a typical wall that you can find in the streets of Macau. That blue and white design is distinctly Macanese. 

And of course, another thing I couldn't miss while in Macau is their famous egg tart. Love this to bits!

Sorry for cut this short. Will continue with the Macau stories soon!


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