Monday, March 3, 2014

Get it on!

I am ready. I am ready and well enough to start on an organizational project. That is, a project involving cleaning the house and organizing all the things which have been left unattended during the whole 5 months that I had been put on bed rest and recovery mode. If you think if over, a week of not being able to clean up your closet or cabinet could already end up in disaster. Now what more if it's been left there for months and months! You get the picture.

Actually, I've already started cleaning up the pantry a few weeks ago but it got stopped because of lack of time and space. I had gathered all our seldom-used cups, mugs, bottles, even my customized water bottles and had put it in a big paper bag. Now I don't know how and where to store it so that I'll still be able to use it in the future. Any ideas? I need inspiration! The clock is ticking since I only have a few more days left from my maternity leave and the baby is still the priority over any house mess!


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